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May 25 2017

Checking on the girls

I needed to inspect the yellow hive and check the other two hives, so yesterday at 1pm it was about 62 degrees out and I went out to quickly inspect the hives. I took out 2 boxes filled with empty frames in case I needed to add boxes to either of the hives. I suited […]

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May 21 2017

Boy did I blow that

So I was out of town and needed a new queen to get my little blue hive split going. I called on Saturday morning and had the bee supply place set aside a Carniolan queen in a cage with attendants and then HB went up to get her. He put her in a safe warm […]

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May 15 2017

Splitting, new queen and interesting data

EDUCATION So I went to the bee meeting last Friday night. They had an interesting presentation on the data you can get from a hive scale.  That’s just a big, flat, techie weigh scale. Looks like this picture. It costs a pretty penny – about $580 with shipping. Basically, you put the scale on your […]

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May 06 2017

Difficult Choices….

Well, today was the day. A wise man once said “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few – or the one”.  And today was Queen Løper’s day to be the hero. I went to the bee house at about 9:30am and bought a new Carniolan queen with 4 attendants. The Wiz […]

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May 02 2017

Sorry Queen Loper – you gotta go

It stopped raining today and at 11:15am it was 65 degrees on the bee deck so I went out to inspect the girls. Our yard is a dandilion paradise and in our yard and from the house I can see over 15 blooming trees just in a half a block. There are blooming trees all […]

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