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Jun 29 2017

Yellow Hive for 6/28/17 inspection

Yesterday at 9:15am it was 79 degrees out so I headed out to do inspections of 1 or 2 hives. Ended up 1 hive. It’s too hot even that early in the morning to get through 2. I took out 2 extra boxes with empty frames in case the hives needed extra honey boxes, and […]

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Jun 18 2017

Welcome Queen Dagmar

I went out at 10:30am, it was 68 degrees and sunny with a very light wind. I was going to see how many of the hives I could get through since we’ve had such a long cold spell. Turns out that number was – just one. I was sweating and starting to drip sweat drops […]

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Jun 06 2017

Checking on the girls in hot weather

Today at 10:30am it was 74 degrees and very sunny and calm. I went out to inspect just the yellow and blue hives. It’s supposed to be 94 tomorrow and then cooler but not rainy on Thursday, so I’ll wait to look at the orange hive on Thursday. I brought out 2 boxes with empty […]

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