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Jul 28 2017

The great gold heist of 2017

So today was the day – honey harvest! I want to emphasize that without many hands and help, we wouldn’t have a bee harvest. HB may not be the official person who wears the bee suit, but without him there wouldn’t be a bee deck, a bee shed, a bee fence, bee boxes and hives […]

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Jul 27 2017

Note to beekeeper – keep a hose handy

So tomorrow is honey extraction day and today was prep and pull day. I have washed all the course filters, washed and sterilized countless jars and lids, washed with boiling hot water all the extraction gear (uncapping bin, stainless steel extractor, etc.), hosed out the entire beeshed (HB painted it with waterproof shiny paint so […]

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Jul 23 2017

waiting waiting waiting

So I’ve decided to just leave the bees alone until honey harvest, which will be this coming Friday, July 28.  I’m going to be disturbing them enough that day taking their honey stores. I don’t want to disrupt them by doing a hive inspection. The next day after honey harvest, I’ll do an inspection and […]

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Jul 15 2017

Murphy’s Law and bees

Monday morning, I got on an early plane to head of out of state for work. And 90 minutes later while I’m waiting to change planes in Portland, I get a panic call from HB. Nephew was mowing the lawn in front of the beehives when he came bounding across the lawn to HB saying […]

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Jul 08 2017

bringing in the honey and working hard

So it’s been over 95 degrees for 5 days, with over 100 degrees twice.  In the next 10 days, it’s supposed to be around 95-100 the whole time. In the evening about 7:30pm when it’s cooled down to 85, the girls were out on the front of their hive “bearding”.  It’s called bearding because it […]

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Jul 01 2017

Blue Hive inspection on 6/30/17

Sue me – I’m behind on posting my blog. I’m going to blame it on the weather, which has gotten ridiculously hot and not having A/C in the house. Grumpy old lady. So yesterday at 9:00am it was already 83 outside. So I went out to inspect the blue hive. I took out an extra […]

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