Aug 05 2017

My bee suit smells like a sweaty old man

So I got a call from the Queen Bee and she talked to me about the hives. She agreed completely with everything The Wiz recommended.

She said she thinks sometimes we get to impatient when something goes wrong and just run out and buy a queen to fix it all. Give the bees 2, 3, 4 more weeks to get themselves figured out.

If you end up at the 11th hour (into late September) with 2 dwindling hives that made no queen, just combine them and get a queen in there and feed them. They’ll either make it or they won’t. ┬áBut in the meantime, they might have made themselves right.

She said she’s lost queens and lost whole hives in crippling heat like this.

Hive management

So at 6pm tonight, at 90 degrees and 21% humidity, along with choking smoke, I went out for just 10 minutes to make the swap and feed the bees.

I pulled down my bee suit from it’s hook and when I stepped into it – wheeew. I’ve been in and out over the last few weeks in this stifling heat and it smells all sweaty and icky. I’ll have to wash it one of these days when the weather finally cools down.

here are the two hives with their front feeders attached

here are the two hives with their front feeders attached

I got into the orange hive and went straight to the 2nd box, in the middle, and pulled out a frame that had a mix of capped brood, small larvae and tiny larvae. I put in an empty frame and shut the hive up again. Thanks, Queen Dagmar.

I then smoked the yellow hive and pulled all the boxes off the top and down to the 1st/bottom box. I pulled out an empty frame in the middle, plopped this frame with mixed brood down in there, and closed up the hive.

I then put a 2:1 sugar syrup solution in my front feeders (called “boardman” feeders), popped them in to the front of the yellow and blue hives. I always cram 2 shims under them till they’re firmly in place so they don’t slip or fall out.

I’ll see what happens in a few days.


I was completely distracted by one of the biggest bumblebees I’ve ever seen in my life and uploaded this video of her. I could hear her go by sounding like some army helicopter. She was landing on the cosmos flowers and the whole flowers were wobbling and swaying trying to hold up her weight. I don’t know if you can tell in this video but that flower is a good 3 1/2 inches across and that bumblebee is the size of my entire thumb (not just the end – the whole thumb). Turn your volume up – you can hear the big BUZZZzzzzzz when it leaves the flower.

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