Aug 29 2017

Yellow hive peek and orange hive treatment

So yesterday at about 9am at 74 degrees, I went out to the bee deck with my smoker, a jar with alcohol (in case I needed to inspect for mites in the yellow hive) and a package of Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS) for the orange hive.

I smoked the orange hive lightly. Then I removed all the boxes down to the bottom box. Yesterday, I had moved all the little brood there was down to this bottom box with the queen.

I smoked it pretty good to get all the bees off the top bars. I then put on my rubber gloves because you can’t touch this stuff. I snipped open the plastic packet, pulled out the two treatment strips. They’re a solid gel wrapped in a fragile biodegradable paper. I then laid the two strips across the top of the bottom box, at a 90 degree angle to the bars. That drove all the bees down into the hive.

I then placed all the boxes back on top. Now I just let it do it’s work over the next week or so. There may be some bee loss due to the gases in this treatment. I use it because it’s the most gentle (you can use it even with honey supers on the hive, unlike the other treatments). It is a chemical, but with a mite count like I had in this hive, it’s either treat and disrupt, or guaranteed to lose the entire hive to mites.  The lesser of two evils.

I then proceeded to inspect the yellow hive.

Yellow Hive

This started out as a 3X3. I ended up removing the queen excluder and one entire box that was full of empty frames. So it ended up 5 boxes.

There were 17 frames of bees, 3 very heavy frames of pollen, and 14 frames of nectar or honey.

There was not any queen that I could see, although she may still be svelt and hard to find. There was no evidence at all of a queen – not an egg or brood anywhere.  There were no eggs at all, so no workers laying, either.  There were remnant stubs of the chewed out former queen cells. That would seem to indicate a queen got out and the workers chewed the rest of the cells. It has been only just a little over 2 weeks since I saw all the capped queen cells.  And it could take a new queen 4 weeks to get mated and get her mojo going. So I’m still going to give her more time since she has a lot of bees in here and a lot of food.

The girls weren’t aggressive, but there were 3 times I had a guard bee buzzing angrily in front of my face veil and wouldn’t go away until I smoked myself. There were a lot of bees in the hive and I was having trouble getting frames out without disturbing some and trying not to squish them.

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