Aug 29 2017

Blue Hive – Queen anyone?

Today at 9:15am at 75 degrees I went out to check on the blue hive. I got the smoker going, had a sorting box ready. Even though it was already warm out, there was cloud cover so the bees weren’t really flying that much and a lot of them were in the hive.

Blue Hive

The girls were busy and after all my banging and brushing them off frames, a little grumpy but who wouldn’t be? This hive started as a 3X3. I removed the queen excluder for the winter season.

There were 20 frames of bees (again, a lot were in the hive), 1 heavy frame of pollen and 20 frames of nectar or capped honey. There was no queen I could find, no small larvae. However, I did find one frame that had about 25 fresh eggs laid. None of these were multiple eggs in a cell so I don’t think they are workers laying. ┬áThere was no sign of any of the previous queen cells left.

I removed an entire box of empty frames so this hive was left, like the others, with 5 boxes for the winter. Again, it’s only been just over two weeks since the queen cells were still whole, so it may take a while for a queen to start laying well.


IF this hive has a good queen and she starts laying well, and IF in 2-3 weeks the other queenless hive is still queenless, I’ll probably combine them together for the winter.

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