Nov 23 2017

Girls out – hmmmm

So today we got what we call a chinook wind, which means in the middle of a winter spell, we get a warm wind from the south and the temp goes drastically up. Sometimes for 1 or 2 days, but often it will go up to the 60’s only during the day, and then at night  it freezes – which is just a killer for the bees if that happens in the dead of winter (that’s what happened last January) because they break their cluster during the day and then don’t have time to get back into their warm cluster before it hits freezing again.

Today however, we got the wind last evening, and it was about 40 overnight and right now at 11am it’s 60 degrees outside and sunny. All the snow is melted and it feels like spring.

I saw some girls flying so I went out on to the bee deck to get a closer look at what’s going on.

All three hives have a pile o’dead bees in front of them.

The yellow hive is quite busy – girls flying in and out, at least 50 or more in front of the hive, some orienting themselves, two were dragging heavy dead bodies across the front porch and dumping them unceremoniously onto the patio.

In the blue hive, there was one lone girl who went in to the upper entrance and in the orange hive there was one lone girl creeping into the lower entrance. Hmmmmmm.

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