May 20 2013

About Moosemoon bees

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Diane started beekeeping in Spokane Valley, WA in April of 2010. Her bees are in her backyard in the suburbs of a fairly large city with four solid seasons – cold and snowy winters, hot and dry summers, crisp falls and rainy springs.


She’s pretty bad at beekeeping, but despite her efforts to manipulate her girls and peek at them way too often, her bees simply do whatever they want to do and have not only survived but thrived very well. They’ve become accustomed to being filmed and posted for the world to see on Youtube and it hasn’t yet gone to their fuzzy little heads.


She keeps all 8-frame, Western (medium) hives. Her beekeeping philosophy is to do as little treatments as possible for disease unless absolutely necessary to keep them alive, and whenever possible, let the girls do their thing, including “rolling their own” queens so the hives have queens that are adaptable to this geographical area. She’d like to keep them from swarming in the spring, but if they do, she feels she’s done her part in helping the wild bee population thrive with queens adaptable to this area, helping them through these very trying times for bees. At least, that’s what gets her through the night.


Her college background is in biology, so while she understands the entomological science of apis mellifera (bees) and knows they are just bugs, she still names each queen an appropriate Viking name since we’re Norwegians around here and sheds a tear whenever she hears that tiny “crunch” of an accidental squish.


She has a more than full time job, an organic garden, lets the dandelions and clover thrive in her grass, never uses pesticides or weed killers, uses only compost, composted poop and fish emulsion for fertilizers, and is as involved in family, community and church life as most very busy people. She has a female Newfie who supposedly guards the bees and a husband who constantly builds a better life for all his girls.


Believe me, if she can do this, anyone can do this.



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